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On Tuesday night, Season 5 of The Fosters broke new ground—once again—in the teen-drama arena when its protagonist, Callie, finally had sex with her boyfriend, Aaron. His coming-out to Callie was both subtle and matter-of-fact—and, perhaps more important, his trans identity is just one part of who he is. As trans actor Elliot Fletcher noted, his character is also kind, protective, and just a little rebellious. This especially applies to Callie, of course, but since he aspires to be a social worker, Elliot is also pretty protective of everyone. Aaron first popped up in Season 4: he met Callie in a coffee shop, she hopped on his motorcycle, and they spent the day together. Sure, Callie and Aaron also have their disagreements—like last week, when they butted heads over whether a Milo Yiannopoulos -like figure should have been allowed to speak on their campus. Both characters are so strongly opinionated about what they believe in. They cannot be swayed. As with any relationship, that growth has included discussions about whether they want to have sex just yet. Although the act itself was not shown on screen—this is still a family show, after all—the moments leading up to it were both tender and beautifully shot.

Maia Mitchell Spills What’s In Store for Callie and Brandon in the New Season of “The Fosters”

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Callie and Aaron go on their first official date; Mariana and Jude spearhead an Brandon’s new girlfriend, Grace, catches him playing hero to his ex-girlfriend, Courtney. The Fosters really does feel like it’s back on track this season, for the most part. The seasons don’t blend well and there’s hardly an overarching plot.

Two moms raise a multi-ethnic family, mixed with both foster and biological kids. S1 E11 – The Honeymoon. The family faces the realization Callie has run away. S1 E12 – House and Home. Callie’s fate is left in a judge’s hands. Mariana joins a school play. S1 E13 – Things Unsaid. Callie and Brandon sneak around. Stef goes back to work, worrying Lena. S1 E14 – Family Day. Callie considers applying for an apartment. S1 E15 – Padre. Stef deals with a loss.

Parent reviews for The Fosters

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She’s in the car with Troy and it looks like you guys might get into a terrible crash. Maia: No, never, even if it potentially could land her in juvy if she In the finale, Callie said, “If I wasn’t dating you, I’d consider dating him.

Previously on The Fosters Last night, Lexi and I had sex So now what? Have you thought any more about talking to your mom? If she ever found out, that you guys gave me the pill, she’d go crazy. I did it, so that you did not have to. Hey, what’s he doin’ here? I invited him. I don’t want you dating Wyatt, because I don’t want you dating anyone.

Yeah, well, even having this conversation, could get me and Jude kicked out of the house. That would never happen. Brandon, it can happen I’ll take Jude to his tutor, then drop Jesus at practice. Mike is taking Brandon to his audition while you’re at your dad’s.

Callie Is Over It

Pilot Brandon: “Oh, who’s this? She’s gonna be staying with us for a while. Nice to meet you. The ninety-nine cent store?

Chances are you’ve probably already fallen in love with every single I don’t know, somehow that was easier for me to deal with than him.

The Fosters summer finale left fans biting their fingers over the fate of more than one Foster kid. Jesus and Callie’s lives were in immediate life-or-death danger when the final credits rolled. The promo for 4B didn’t do much to calm our fears either , with Jesus suffering a seizure in an ambulance and Callie struggling to get control of Troy’s car only to end up crashing. Now we just have so many questions! How is Callie’s brush with death going to affect her in the season to come?

Will she give up digging into Kyle’s case or become more determined than ever to get justice? Will her determination land her in more trouble than ever? And will her experience get in the way of her romance with AJ?

The Fosters (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 6 – Saturday – full transcript

Proceed at your own risk! But rather than having Jamie pop the question to his girlfriend Callie, it was Fosters bro Jesus guest star Noah Centineo who announced via FaceTime that he had not only reunited with high school sweetheart Emma Amanda Leighton in India, but also put a ring on it! Below, executive producer Joanna Johnson reveals how the engagement twist came together and whether another Fosters wedding event is in store.

you dating Wyatt because I don’t want you dating anyone [but me]”. They stare at each other for a while. Callie answers that she can’t date him.

No, what’s not fair is when I make you start cleaning up all the dirty plates around the house, because you just called our friends lame and old. We did, I guess. You know how it is, you’re so focused on kids, work, and paying the bills, that you stop paying attention to each other. All the things you used to do for each other, the little stuff I’m going for the “I’m being carelessly casual but just happen to be fabulous” look for my date tonight.

We did everything we were supposed to do We even put condoms in their bathroom. It’s just I don’t know, I feel like everyone was kind of selfish, and just angry and didn’t care about anyone else. I don’t want him to start thinking the world is like this, and then we move, and then he gets even more hurt when he figures out that it’s not. My point is, sometimes when we’re out in a new neighborhood or walking home late to our car, we won’t hold hands.


Hot on the heels of its biggest episode to date, The Fosters gets ready to close out its third season on Monday night as the family attempts to move on from a tragic loss. Callie Maia Mitchell will lose trust in the foster care system and see her relationship with lobbyist Justina Kelli Williams start to break down. Meanwhile, Jude Hayden Byerly will start questioning himself and turn to spiritual means in order to cope with the loss.

Johnson also discusses what controversial issues the show may tackle next, and weighs in on the current controversy surrounding representation on television. Jude is going to go through a lot, and is going to think that maybe God is trying to give him some sort of message about his life and some of his choices.

Is The Fosters TV show cancelled or renewed for season six on Freeform? The television Remember, the television vulture is watching your shows. Are you? Want to automatically receive updates about this TV show? Don’t miss our other TV show status pages. Terri Polo and Sheri Saum is amazing just love them.

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. The final series finale — the last of three parts which easily could have been one more concise part, grumble grumble — feels like more of a launching point than an ending. The home, as foreshadowed in the previous episodes, is on the market. All the members of the Adams-Foster family are, for the most part, at ease. I like to think of The Fosters as a comfy, orthopedic shoe. This show was never graceful, nor was it all that clean.

It replaced an actor midway through the series and gleefully swapped couple pairings without consequence. The troubles of the Adams-Foster family ranged from concussions to sex trafficking to charter schools. Even in the finale, which makes a half-hearted grab for drama, stability feels inevitable. That said, some tiny ripples happen.

17 Very Important Questions With “The Fosters” Cast

When Brandon and Callie first started to get romantically involved on The Fosters , it seemed like a relationship fans could root for. Sure, it was weird that they were foster siblings, but the heart wants what the heart wants, right? If you were hoping now that the moms know that Brandon and Callie had sex in Idyllwild the plot line would be squelched, think again. There is major fallout that has repercussions throughout the entire Season 4A.

And to be there with the cast, sharing this love, and sharing, not even this fictional And what it meant to them,” Paige says of shooting during season one. “She had to kind of figure shit out, and you don’t have to think about these but the Jude and Connor kiss, the youngest same-sex kiss on TV to date.

Not only have we been received critically, but the fans on Twitter have been really supportive. Though Callie and Mariana are older and dealing with more mature issues, e. It felt like how do we keep that going, so the communal dining table just seemed like a great evolution. ET spoke with Johnson, who wrote Tuesday’s episode, to discuss what’s been working so far, putting prime focus on Gael Tommy Martinez and previewing what’s to come. Joanna Johnson: For a few reasons.

One is that when you’re writing a serialized show with soap elements to it, you always weigh surprise over suspense. And, sometimes, when you are trying to have big soapy moves, the show becomes a little too broad too soon. There’s always that pressure to have something that will make people wait through the commercial, so you end up sometimes manipulating things to happen to try to [create an] “Oh, my gosh!

What a surprise! I’ve gotta stay tuned to see what happens next! But, also, it’s a fun way to tell a story, and I love a mystery. Our audience is very sophisticated. They don’t need to be led in a linear direction to understand what’s happening.

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