Видео: Language Transfer and Interference

Transfer in Second Language Acquisition

How does our first language influence learning new ones? What gets moved over from the old languages to the new? This week ...

Native language interference | Daily Digest 26/8/19

Today's daily digest shows how things are hidden in language, and how your hidden native language structures interfere with ...

Transfer in Second Language | Positive and Negative Transfer | Spanish, Arabic, Urdu Examples

While production of an L2, learners transfer their knowledge of L1 to L2, for example making plurals in a same way as in L1.

Native Language Interference

http://www.grammarrevolutionmovie.com Gerard Dalgish - Linguist at Baruch College - CUNY.

Interview with Mihalis Eleftheriou, Language Transfer

Here's the extended cut of the recently released interview recorded in London last year, with subtitles! We home in on some of the ...

A Serious and Somber Message from LT Creator Mihalis Eleftheriou

The first and only time I'll do this... Any questions, please comment below! www.patreon.com/languagetransfer ...

Language learning - How to avoid language interference (video in Portuguese)

When you learn a language that is very similar to your mother tongue or to a language that you already speak, this is not ...

Positive and Negative Transfer of Learning

Positive and Negative Transfer of Learning.

What is Second-language acquisition?, Explain Second-language acquisition

Second-languageacquisition #audioversity ~~~ Second-language acquisition ~~~ Title: What is Second-language acquisition?, ...

Interlanguage and Language Teaching

Come see how to incorporate Interlanguage into language teaching.

Learn English: What is Language 1 (first language) Interference?

Teaser for upcoming episode 5 of English Weirdness, in which our linguistic detectives investigate the strange disappearance of ...

Language Transfer "Breakdown"!

I've been quiet for a while due to a huge workload, and an ongoing uncomfortable relationship with (trying to make) these update ...

Introduction to Arabic, Track 6 - Language Transfer, The Thinking Method

No sign-ups, no adverts, no selling your data. When was the last time you found something that was truly free? Help Language ...

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