Видео: I phone 5s u2 ic changing tutorial

Easy way to replace iphone 5s u2/charging ic

iphone u2/charging ic replacement.

iPhone 5S U2 IC Replacement

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iPhone 5s Tristar IC Replacement, Step by Step

There are 3 main components to charging your iPhone. These are the battery, charging port and the charging IC (tristar).

iphone 5s u2 ic

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iPhone 5 Charge ic Replacement

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Easy Trick For Removing IPHONE 5 U2 IC

In this video we are using a simple but effective method to remove and replace U2 of iPhone 5. First apply some heat and scratch ...

iPhone 5S Tristar (U2) IC Fix - classic won't charge stone dead battery

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iPhone SE U4500 U2 Tristar USB Charging IC Easy Removal Technique

This is a simple technique we use in our repair centre to remove iPhone SE U2 / U4500 / Tristar 1610A3 USB U2 IC. We use ...

iphone 5s u2 ic change

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How to replace u2 on iphone 6/ How to Fix dead Iphone 6 by Replacing U2 IC

Here We will be demonstrating on How to fix dead iphone 6 by replacing u2. for this repair your standard tools. 1.U2. 2.Probe Tool ...

iPhone 5s U2 replacement (battery drain)

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iPhone 5s U2 ic repair problem replace chip tutorial

iPhone 5s U2 ic repair problem replace chip tutorial.

Быстро садиться батарея на iPhone 5.Замена микросхемы U2.iPhone 5 u2 ic changing tutorial

Быстро садиться батарея на iPhone 5.Замена микросхемы U2.

iPhone 5S U2 (Tristar) IC change and discussion in real-time

I actually dislike long, drawn out videos, but sadly, that's my only option at the moment. Future videos will eventually show the ...

استبدال ايسي شحن ايفون 5 اس || iphone 5s ic charger replacement

iphone 5s charger ic u2 iphone 5s charger ic repair ic charger iphone 5s rusak ganti ic charger iphone 5s harga ic charger iphone ...

Symptoms of iPhone 5s u2 ic failure

These are the symptoms of iPhone 5s u2 ic failure.The blue screen of death only occurs in iPhone 5s.

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