Видео: AMT-SS30 and AMT Tube Cake - Metal

AMT SS-30, Reverberry to Tube Cake 3W pwr. amp and Achilies Amps 2x12 cab.

http://www.amtelectronics.com AMT SS-30 JFET Preamp, Reverberry Digital Reverb to Tube Cake 3W JFET power amp feeding ...

AMT SS-30 Bulava - Metal

I was using: - Schecter Damien Elite 7 (Guitar) - Schecter Stargazer 5 (Bass) - AMT SS-30 Bulava (Guitar Sound) - Addictive ...

NEVER TOO EXTREME Episode 34: AMT Bulava

Episode thirty-four of NEVER TOO EXTREME!!! AMT Bulava tested in Extreme Metal!!! ---SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW--- Hi ...

Amt bulava ss30 djent Demo

Amt bulava ss 30 This is a demo about the Amt electronics Bulava Preamp. this preamp works with 18V power supply has 3 ...

AMT Electronics SS 30 Bulava - Metal demo

My new metal demo of Amt Electronics SS30 Bulava guitar preamp. I used Ibanez RGD 2120, Line 6 UX8, Addictive drums and ...

AMT Electronics - TC1 Tube Cake (demo en español)

Bienvenidos amigos, hoy probamos el TC1 Tube Cake de AMT Electronics, es una potencia transistorizada de 1.5wts en formato ...

AMT SS 30 BULAVA and AMT E1 demo

AMT SS 30 BULAVA / AMT E1 - YERASOV soldier 30 - Shure SM57 + немного угара))

AMT Electronics: SS-20 Preamp and Tube Cake Power Amp (PRS Studio)

http://www.amtelectronics.com The mighty Tube Cake JFET 3W Power Amp meets the newly revised SS-20 (please ask AMT what ...

AMT SS11-A vs SS11-B

Сравнение AMT SS11-A и SS11-B soad aerials cover) Предусилитель - MJTDT: https://youtu.be/Zjr0BKV49Qo Поддержать ...

AMT electronics SS-10, Tube Cake-3, LTD H-1001

SS-10 плюс Тьюб кейк плюс руки и палка LTD H-1001.

AMT Electronics Tube Cake en Kairon Music

Visita www.kaironmusic.com.ar.

AMT P2 into tube power amp / tube vs solid state

0:10 Talky Intro 1:15 Playthrough 3:51 Comparison - Tube Power Amp 5:05 Comparison - Solid State .44 Magnum Power Amp ...

On tour diary: AMT TubeCake, how loud does it get?

Hello there! Here is my first diary video in which I answer your questions about AMT Electronics TC-3 guitar power amplifier.

AMT Electronics SS20 Complete Review

[ENG] One of the best preamp pedals in the market, AMT Electronics SS20, made in OMSK, Siberia. Great for Hi gain, but also for ...

AMT SS-30 Bulava ( Guitar Preamp )

David Palau ( Grammy Winner 2012 & Bobby Kimball's guitarrist ) www.davidpalau.com Testing the new AMT SS-30 Bulava.

Опубликовано: 22 Мар 2019

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